Friday, Nov. 30, 2012

Dear Owen,

I was thinking about you today when I went for a walk on the beach. Mommy told me how big and strong and smart you are. While I was walking, I thought you might have a lot of questions about where Uncle Cory and I live in America. I bet you have good questions about the ocean and the beach, too. It would be so much fun to explore the beach with you!

Uncle Cory and I miss you a lot. We hope some day you can travel here to visit with us. Until then, I thought I would show you where we live, and you can learn about the beach.

We live in Shallotte, North Carolina, in the United States. That is almost 6,500 km from where you are in Lougheed, Alberta, Canada. If you got in a car to come here, it would take two days without stopping one time. Thank goodness we can travel by plane or stop whenever we want!

It is almost 6,500 km from Lougheed to Shallotte.

It is almost 6,500 km from Lougheed to Shallotte.

We cannot see the ocean from our house, but we can get to the beach and see the ocean after a short drive in the car.

Most beaches on the East Coast in the United States face east, but we are very special here. Our beaches face to the south. That means if you were a super hero and had super hero vision, if you stood on our beach and looked all the way across the ocean, you would be looking at Florida.

This is what our house looks like from the sky. Can you see Uncle Cory’s car parked in the grass?

Picture 3Because we live so close to the ocean, we don’t have regular dirt in our yard like you do. We have sand! Our grass and trees grow out of the sand. Can you see the sand in the back yard where there is no grass?

Today when I went to the beach I walked almost 3.5 km beside the water. I saw lots of birds and seashells and boats. Here are some of the many, many shells I saw today.


Lots of people like to collect shells and take them home with them. Maybe some day when you visit you can get some shells for yourself.

Did you know that when shells get tumbled around in the ocean, over a long, long time, they break apart and the tiny pieces become sand? Here are some of the shells right by the edge of the water.


I feel very lucky to live by the ocean. I do not go there and play as much as I should. Sometimes grown-ups get too busy working. Would you like to see the ocean some day?

Uncle Cory and I love and miss you. We hope you liked reading about where we live. I will write again and share pictures with you soon.

Until then, here is a video of the sun setting over the ocean tonight. I made this video just for you.